Our Product Catalog

Solar Air-Conditioner

Why incur a high electric bill powering your air-conditioner when the sun can do that for free? Use solar air-conditioners

Solar Water Heater

Use a solar water heater and reduce your electric bill by 25%. Electric heater accounts for up to 25% of

Solar Chiller

Keep your perishables fresh daily without depending on the grid supply or fossil-fueled generator. Perishables such as meat, fish, and

Solar Milking Machine

Cow milk is largely the raw material for all dairy products which is collected either through squeezing of the udder

Solar Dryer

Preserve your agricultural produce such as grains, fruits, tubers and reduce post-harvest-loss and wastage by using the solar dryer to

Solar Street Lights

Why spend money on Illumination, let the sunlight up your surroundings day and night. With the aid of solar-powered streetlight,

Solar Water Pump

With Solar powered water pump, clean water can be drawn from groundwater. The solar water pump is not reliant on

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